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Boundaries for Building Self-Belief | iOne Think Tank

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Boundaries Part 3 of 3

We talked about creating boundaries within a team and breaking boundaries with the right decision frame. Now it's time to reflect on our abilities to build boundaries - where does it come from? We can take ownership of our own actions, emotions or feelings without taking ownership of the actions, emotions or feelings of others. This cycle of awareness can continue to foster reciprocally healthy behaviors and responses. Feeding a healthy self-belief and setting boundaries go hand in hand but what does that look like?

Dr. Fred talked about being Settled | Deliberate | Driven - what does that look like to you?

How do boundaries keep you focused and leading those around you?

Thank you for joining us in 2020 for our monthly Think Tanks. Stay tuned for an invitation to join us in 2021.



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