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Breaking Boundaries: When to Slow and When to Go | iOne Think Tank

Breaking Boundaries Part 2 of 3

There are predictable boundaries and crisis points that we all face. This might be a hard decision you have to make on a small project or as large as an organizational pivot in the services you provide or an acquisition or expansion in the future. Some boundaries are true guardrails to keep us safe while other boundaries are movable with the right team, timing team and decision frame. An example of an InitiativeOne organizational boundary: InitiativeOne Psychographic - Our client filtering boundary system. If a prospective client violates more than 3 of these boundaries, InitiativeOne would not engage further with this type of organization. If a prospect violates 3 or less, we would have a direct conversation to reset the relationship.

  1. Do they beat us up on price?

  2. How do they treat our team in the "dating" process?

  3. Is the CEO all in and are senior leaders on board before going forward?

  4. ​Do they view Leadership Transformation as an "HR thing"?

  5. Is this a PROCESS investment not a PROJECT expense?

  6. Are we viewed as a partner or a vendor?

Richard Branson's Top 10 Quotes on Pushing Boundaries

"The sky is not the limit... I am." -T. F. Hodge

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