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Doing based vs. being based leadership

Leaders can often confuse doing based leadership versus being based leadership. What we are doing is not necessarily what we are being. The InitiativeOne process forces a leader to peer within and ask the difficult questions that are a catalyst for emotional maturity and self-awareness. Self-aware and emotionally mature leaders are much more likely to make a positive impact on an organization. And, being based leaders maintain a distinction between what they do and who they are.

Buried inside every leader resides the true self. When leaders peel back the layers of self, they will be able to find that they are much more than what they do. Leaders exist as a real being and it is from the core of the leader’s being where exceptional leadership can be found.

But confusion still exists between being and doing. Focusing on “being” as a leader does not mean that we are not “doing.” In fact, if you are not “doing” as a leader there is no way you can be about “being.”

Leaders must DO and can’t be BEING without doing. However, being and doing has more to do with our self-validation and our motive for accomplishing what we do.

Leaders should experience results in both doing and being mode; however when leaders are BEING based, success is the by-product of what they do. When leaders are DOING based success is the end purpose in spite of whom he/she is BEcoming.

When leaders are doing based they have an edge to their leadership. Being based leaders are more deliberate, considerate, gracious and loving.

Being based leaders act out of gratitude and stewardship of the gifts and responsibilities given to her or him. Doing based leaders seek validation and confirmation of what she or he is doing.

Being based leaders cherish relationships; however, doing based leaders drains, depletes, and diminishes relationships.

Being based leadership is not a commitment to mediocrity and averageness. Rather, it is a commitment to excellence and wise stewardship. Whereas, doing based leadership can be driven by perfectionism.

Being based leaders have clear boundaries and they respect the boundaries of others, but doing based do not have clear personal boundaries and they ignore the boundaries of others. Doing based leaders have their personal identities wrapped up in what gets accomplished.

So, in the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be a Redneck if…” The following are some ways to identify if you may be slipping in to a DOING base leader:

You may be in doing mode if…

You get your sense of self-worth and validation from what you do or accomplish rather than who you are and who you are becoming.

You find yourself reacting to people and situations rather than respectfully and thoughtfully responding to people and situations.

You are behavior driven rather than values driven.

You are driven by internal or external pressures to be “successful,” rather than living on purpose.

You view failure as something to be avoided rather than something to be embraced and as a learning event.

You view the failures of others as a reflection on yourself rather than an as an opportunity to teach and mentor.

You focus more on "the what" and how of your organization and yourself rather than the why of your organization and yourself.

You blame others and or demonstrate victim behaviors rather than taking 100% responsibility.

You excuse your lack of performance as “being” based rather than seeing the expectations of your leadership as sacred stewardship.

You regularly ignore your personal transformation and growth rather than understanding that one of the most selfish acts of a leader is NOT to replenish oneself.



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