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Don't Miss the Obvious

Not long ago I was planning a short trip. So I did a little homework. I checked Google Maps for the “best” route. As usual, I was given a choice. For this particular trip, I had three options. That’s not unusual for Google Maps. However, for the first time, I was given two routes, differing by 34 miles with the exact same time estimate for travel. Obviously, the longer route provided more time on major roadways and the shorter route included some scenic opportunities. Have you ever tried a “short-cut” that ended badly?

It’s Monday and the clock is ticking. The time estimate for your journey from Monday, October 13th to Tuesday, October 14th is 24 hours. It’s the same every day. But, you face some significant choices throughout each day. You might say these are similar to the choice of a route on a trip. When I am driving, if the time estimate is reasonable, I will consider the quality of the roadway, the potential for delays and whether there is a favorite coffee stop along the way. It’s good to narrow the variables down to a few things that matter most. You may need to consider more than three variables when it comes to your decision-making today. But, don’t miss the obvious need to have a game plan for decision-making.

Why is it that one day ends and you feel an incredible sense of fulfillment? The day ends with a paradox. You are tired yet energized. Another day ends and it seems that you were very busy yet unproductive. You are fatigued and discouraged. Both days offered 24 hours. It’s the same journey. Some days are filled with meaning and some can be filled with dread. What makes the difference? When choosing the “best” route, the most important first step is to define “best”. Your best route through today will be the one that provides the greatest impact. The difference lies in whether or not you make choices that enrich your life and the lives of those you lead.

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