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Feed Your Thoughts

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Leading well takes an extraordinary amount of trust. Trusting yourself and those around you is at the core of building healthy relationships when leading an effective team to success. In trusting yourself, you must be willing to change: change the way you think and change the way you lead.

Creating a culture of trust begins and ends with listening. You must be willing to listen to those around you. In addition, you must choose the voice that you are listening to in your own mind. What is feeding your thoughts? Are these thoughts healthy?

The way that you think about yourself determines what you are willing to accept in others, in both their strengths and weaknesses. Keeping a clear mind and letting the voice in your head be constructive and positive rather than tearing yourself and others down is critical in determining the faith that you have.

Here are some questions to help:
  • Are the people that you listen to most often the ones that feed positive energy into your emotional health?

  • Are you giving your mind a break from constant interaction and analysis?

  • Is silence a part of your daily life?

  • Do you celebrate your daily victories more than dwelling on where you may have failed?

Repetition is key and these questions dig into the way that we see ourselves and changing the narrative that goes on in your mind can transform your outlook on a daily basis. In doing so, it creates a willingness to accept the ideas of others, believe that you can continue to grow, and gain confidence in yourself and your team.


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