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Formula for Maximum Impact | iOne Think Tank

We, as a society, are not good at seeking balance – we’re plagued with over commitment, the constant connection to work and information, and the endless pressure to perform. We need to alter our perception of rest – it’s not a stop in productivity, it’s an investment in BETTER productivity. It is essential to long term excellence.

Check out the latest Think Tank and then scroll down to our new discussion topics! This is a great excercise to review with yourself individually or with your team!


  1. Pumping sludge takes effort, what are ways you refill your well?

  2. "Say NO to lesser NO's so you can say YES to a greater YES" What are 3 things or 3 people you should start saying NO to?

  3. Leaders are most effective when they can give good advice and make good decisions. What Team Norms and cultural practices are in place at your organization to support balance?



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