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How do You View You?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Negative self-esteem is an aspect of life that can easily dwell in the shadows of our minds, untouched yet controlling every reaction to the interactions of day-to-day life. Brennan Manning writes in The Importance of Being Foolish that this is when, “we select from reality only those aspects that confirm our own dim view of ourselves… Every incident becomes a blanket condemnation of self and a reaffirmation of worthlessness.” It negates your ability to see the good that goes on through a day, week, month, or even year. It blinds you from seeing the joy of another day.

For instance, someone may compliment you for a job well done or casually compliment a characteristic in your life. Negative self-esteem deflects that compliment because it does not fit with the view that your mind created. In turn, rather than focusing on succeeding or taking that compliment for fuel into the next project, you miss the point and dwell on the shortcomings that may have occurred in that day.

This mindset can vastly determine your outlook on life so it is vital to take a look at this trait. In order to break through this barrier, you must:

Love yourself

Take compliments to heart

Look back at what you did well

Love yourself. Do not be afraid to see yourself in a positive light. Most likely this will enable you to take the next step forward. If you take compliments to heart, you begin to see the person that others see you as and begin to realize that you are not as terrible as you think. When you look back to examine your day, then it opens your eyes to see where you can be better; but also, it will enable you to grow.

How you view you is the beginning of healthy leadership. What you accept in yourself, you begin to see and accept in those around you.

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