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Leadership Self-Check

So, what’s your take on Mondays? Maybe you show up humming, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” If you’re too young to know the tune, you might want to check it out. Although we live in a 24/7 world and leadership does wait on a signal from a calendar, Monday remains the moniker for the symbolic beginning of the workweek. As such, it’s a great time for a leadership self-check. How’s your attitude? Did you begin the week with energy or dread? Is the vision forecast clear, partly cloudy or are you straining to see through a dense fog? A little variety in weather is good and no leader who is honest is going to have crystal clear vision every day. But, if your Monday forecast is becoming the weekly fog warning, then it’s time to dig a little deeper. Take the first step today. Get honest. Get honest about your attitude, your energy and the clarity of your vision. Be honest about the need to take a good look in the mirror. Your next steps will certainly be misguided if you do not begin with an honest look at whom you are and where you’re going. Don’t avoid the hard questions. Take note that it is important to be still when you look in the mirror. That means you will need to “schedule” some uninterrupted time to reflect. It’s hard to do. But, it is essential. Ask the Hard Questions | Schedule Time for Reflection | Be Still Unless you’re blessed to live in a place where the weather is always beautiful, you probably check the weather before you walk out the door. So, why is it so difficult to check your leadership temperature? Fight against the urge to rush through the day without taking time to focus. If you have been in the fog, refuse to begin your week without scheduling some time to reflect. You’ll be glad you did and so will the people you lead. At InitiativeOne, we specialize in helping leaders answer the most critical leadership questions. Visit us today at


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