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Leadership Transformation

What We Do

InitiativeOne transforms leaders and their organizations, helping them foster high impact work cultures defined by authenticity, transparency, safe environments and deep respect.

InitiativeOne propels companies toward improved results by transforming their leaders and their respective teams. We teach them how to function more effectively in an informed age that demands entirely new ways of inspiring and leading people. In a world that no longer views competence or position as the foundation for effective leadership, leaders must learn how to lead through trust, respectful relationships, authentic behavior and pro-active thinking.

Our Leadership Transformation teaches leaders how to make this essential transition within a dynamic environment that nourishes deep self-discovery and promotes high trust formation between participants. Our signature Leadership Transformation process helps leaders to rise above the noise, to lead by principle instead of path of least resistance, to gain mastery in decision-making and problem solving, and to leverage the powerful resources of others for highest success. Leaders will gain expertise in leading accelerated change effectively.


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