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Neutralizing Naysayers | iOne Think Tank

How can you impactfully lead change in an organization? Understanding who's rowing with you and who's rowing against you is a good place to start. Identifying naysayers and neutralizing their behaviors will help transform your ability to lead change.


  1. You can't solve their problems

  2. You can never get them enough information

  3. They are masters of meeting after the meeting

  4. They use rude or blunt manners to keep people off balance and to keep them in control

  5. They are masters of passing the baton

  6. They detest accountability and boundaries

A great follow-up to this session and to prepare you for the June session (The Thoughtful Leader <<- register here) would be to read our book - Is Everyone On the Boat? This book looks at our People Pyramid model. Naysayers and Thoughtful Leaders are two major characters from the People Pyramid. We also have a book study here.​



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