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Take Your Organization's Temperature

At InitiativeOne, we know that moving an organization to increased performance requires a deep and deliberate look at itself. Creating a new “desired reality” can be determined only after understanding the root cause of the current results and determining key “leverage points” within the organization. Increasing results is more than people “trying harder”. It is about creating focus, challenging “status quo” and leading the organization to new results – and this starts by understanding the current organization.

The following questions are designed for your own “self climate survey” to see if you might be ready to step up the momentum for yourself, your team or your organization. They help determine whether there are some areas you need to look at and change as they can distract resources from the Organizational goals. When you have finished we would be happy to assist you (complimentary) in “analyzing” the temperature of your organization and put together a custom plan based on your “organizational temperature.”

What is the clearly defined vision and values that your organization operates from? Do you lead your team decisions based on the vision and values? How?

Does your organization experience a constant rotation of people? What is your retention rate?

Where is the employee morale on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being very low and people are leaving or looking for other jobs to 10 being very high and staff engagement is high)?

What percentage of solutions are Band-Aid approaches as opposed to root cause analysis that actually improves and provides sustained workplace results?

If you had to define the top three organizational challenges specific to your organization what would they be?

What are your company’s unwritten rules? Are they creating underlying chaos or fear?

Most organizations suffer from unexamined attitudes, limiting beliefs and an overall lack of accountability. They fail to set goals that have real value and do not develop action plans that focus on critical objectives. InitiativeOne engages the human element of your workforce. We are catalysts for sustainable change. Our programs are time-tested and align employees with corporate vision and values. Pause for a moment and take a deliberate look at yourself, your team and your organizations “temperature” with these questions.

Call us today to set up a 60 minute complementary “download and analysis” with our team at iOne – just elevating your awareness to the challenges you face begins an important process of Change!



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