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The Thoughtful Leader | iOne Think Tank

We've discussed Naysayers and how they can negatively impact an organization. This month we reviewed the flipside of a naysayer and introduced the Thoughtful Leader. Thoughtful Leaders are critical to the health of an organization. Watch our recording to learn how to identify, include, and encourage these key leaders. Dr. Fred and Tracy Johnson enjoyed sharing this coversation with you!

Also please remember we don't hold a Think Tank in July but we're excited to meet up again in August. We are looking to our leadership community to provide ideas for our next topic. Please provide your feedback here! Everyone who provides a suggestion will be entered to win a Stormy Kromer Cabin Blanket!

A great follow-up to this session and to combine our past two sessions discussing Naysayers and Thoughtful Leaders would be to read our book - Is Everyone On the Boat? This book looks at our People Pyramid model. Naysayers and Thoughtful Leaders are two major characters from the People Pyramid. We also have a book study here.​

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