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Three Essential Conversations for Conflict and Accountability | iOne Think Tank

Great teams put issues on the table.

Great teams only have one meeting (no meetings after the meetings).

Great companies are robust problem solvers and find solutions faster than other organizations.

Check out today's iOne Think Tank where we discuss conflict and accountability. After watching, scroll down to our 4 discussion topics for you to review personally and with your team!

Discussion Topics

  1. Why are we reluctant to have tough conversations? Reflect on this personally or talk through with your team

  2. Effective leaders deliver information confidently. Self-belief is the first step – what are ways you prepare yourself to deliver effective messages?

  3. We talk about the 5% conversation – think through a scenario where you could have delivered the final 5%. How would your impact have changed?

  4. Are you comfortable being uncomfortable? Neil Seering from Luxemburg-Casco schools shared that “It’s uncomfortable, but that’s when change happens”. Talk through an uncomfortable time within your team – what was the outcome of that conflict or if things didn’t get uncomfortable, what would you do differently?

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