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Why Wouldn't You Play All Four Quarters?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

To keep things in small, easily digestible chunks, every football game is divided into quarters and play doesn’t end until all four quarters are completed. If you win every quarter, you are assured a victory at the end of the game.

At InitiativeOne, we are your four-quarter game changer. We understand that true transformation begins with developing the best leadership talent in your organization and continues through a strategic investment that will sustain high performance momentum. We have a proven systematic approach that begins with your key leaders and carries you toward a sustainable legacy.

First Quarter: Leaders

All leadership begins with self-leadership. Learn to lead yourself with honesty, vulnerability and integrity before trying to lead others. InitiativeOne transforms leaders and their organizations by helping them foster high impact work cultures that are defined by authenticity, transparency, safe environments and deep respect. To grow as a leader, you must live on purpose and exhibit character, competence and commitment.

Second Quarter: Teams

We deliver high performance teams that drive remarkable results through disruptive change in the marketplace amidst today’s accelerating pace and increasing uncertainty. Effective teams thrive in a safe and trusting environment that embraces ongoing, sustained critical evaluation and feedback. Championship teams establish an organization’s internal brand and exhibit greater teamwork, deeper problem solving and more rapid decision-making. InitiativeOne helps leaders and cultures achieve impact and improve results by teaching them how to channel more of the productive human dynamics and rise above the noise and drama that stifles productivity.

Third Quarter: Organizations

We deliver strategic transformation that shapes intentional and accountable culture. Organizations succeed with an envisioned future, equipped people, energizing rewards and an empowering structure. Traditional strategic planning methods are ill equipped to deal with today’s reality. Increased complexity, rapid change and uncertainty must be met with leaders who possess a growth mindset and a clear framework for effective decision-making.

Fourth Quarter: Sustainability

InitiativeOne Leadership Transformation provides a clear path for future leadership that stretches beyond our presence in the organization. This final quarter yields a remarkable opportunity to raise the bar throughout the culture. Healthy leadership is contagious. We will insource the leadership continuity systems required to build a long term/sustainable enterprise creating a transferable entity with a Triple Bottom Line legacy:

People Success

Business Success

Community Success

At InitiativeOne, we teach you how to win all four quarters via a Discovery Process, a Leadership Transformation Process, Strategic Planning, and a Structured Sustainability Plan.



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