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Superintendent Executive Cohort

The Superintendent Executive Cohort provides an uncommon space for diligent leaders to continue the leadership journey after Leadership Transformation. This process builds beyond the InitiativeOne Leadership Transformation Process. InitiativeOne VP of Educational Leadership Dr. Phil Ertl will facilitate an experience that is as refreshing as it is intense. Executive leaders will discover a safe environment to challenge, be challenged, and give and receive counsel from experienced peers. The InitiativeOne Executive Cohort meets monthly for ten 3-hour sessions. Meeting onsite at InitiativeOne or virtual.

Tuesday, 9:00-12:00PM

10 Meeting Dates

1. April 17

2. May 8

3. August 7

4. September 18

5. October 16

6. November 20

7. December 18

8. January 22, 2025

9. February 19, 2025

10. March 19, 2025

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