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16 Sweet Qualities that Make Teams GREAT

Dr. Paul Metler | 3/23/2017
As millions tune in for tip off, March Madness is in full bloom. These are teams that have practiced together, travelled together, played together and now they will focus their collective energy on the opportunities before them. The NCAA basketball championships are in full view. Surely there are lessons to be learned about great teamwork. As you watch the madness, open your eyes and ears and take note of these sixteen qualities that help teams elevate their performance. How evident are these qualities in your team? Choose one for discussion in your team meetings.
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Consistency in Chaos

Brandon Buck | 3/22/2017
March Madness is such an amazing time of year. Watching upsets, buzzer beaters, and celebrations sparks our own excitement and emotions. After the recent Duke upset, Coach Krzyzewski wisely said, “At the end of the season I want my guys to either be crying because we’ve lost or crying because we’ve just won”. The heartache and joy is so powerful to see as teams and individuals reflect on all they have done to make it to this point. What I find truly inspiring, are the teams that make it to the Sweet 16. These teams tune out the noise around them, play their style of basketball and make consistent game time decisions. In other words, they do not try to become someone they are not. They’ve worked hard all season and are bringing their best to each game.
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Dr. Paul Metler | 3/20/2017
Leaders do not exist in isolation. Your leadership doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Neither does your organization.
You lead with others.
You connect with your clients and customers.
You engage, communicate and serve with others.
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Doing Based vs. Being Based Leadership

Dr. Tim Brown | 3/16/2017
Leaders can often confuse doing based leadership versus being based leadership. What we are doing is not necessarily what we are being. The InitiativeOne process forces a leader to peer within and ask the difficult questions that are a catalyst for emotional maturity and self-awareness. Self-aware and emotionally mature leaders are much more likely to make a positive impact on an organization.  And, being based leaders maintain a distinction between what they do and who they are.
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Before You Redesign Your Company

Dr. Paul Metler | 3/8/2017
If you are in business, it’s very likely that you’re thinking about the design of your organization.
You’re not alone.
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How Do You View You?

Nick Metler | 3/7/2017
Negative self-esteem is an aspect of life that can easily dwell in the shadows of our minds, untouched yet controlling every reaction to the interactions of day-to-day life. Brennan Manning writes in The Importance of Being Foolish that this is when, “we select from reality only those aspects that confirm our own dim view of ourselves… Every incident becomes a blanket condemnation of self and a reaffirmation of worthlessness.” It negates your ability to see the good that goes on through a day, week, month, or even year. It blinds you from seeing the joy of another day.
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Compliance or Connection?

Dr. Paul Metler | 2/13/2017
Standing in front of a group of C-Suite leaders at InitiativeOne in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, Fred Johnson primed the group for a lively discussion. Johnson asserted that we have experienced a significant transformation in how companies are making decisions. His opening comments opened the door for an engaging conversation about leadership and the shift toward collaborative decision-making.
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The One Word Leaders Must Embody: Open

Dr. Paul Metler | 2/7/2017
Open and not closed
A leader who is open is poised for opportunity. When you are open, you can embrace learning in the present and lift your eyes toward the horizon with hope and optimism. Openness is a sign you have lived, experienced some pain along the way, and emerged better rather than bitter. It is a testimony that you are eager to learn again.
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Leadership Transformation

Dr. Paul Metler | 2/5/2017
What We Do
InitiativeOne transforms leaders and their organizations, helping them foster high impact work cultures defined by authenticity, transparency, safe environments and deep respect.
InitiativeOne propels companies toward improved results by transforming their leaders and their respective teams. We teach them how to function more effectively in an informed age that demands entirely new ways of inspiring and leading people. In a world that no longer views competence or position as the foundation for effective leadership, leaders must learn how to lead through trust, respectful relationships, authentic behavior and pro-active thinking.
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Five Things That Transform Accountability

Dr. Paul Metler | 1/30/2017
Mention the word accountability and most leaders immediately envision a punitive system to address failed commitments and broken promises. At InitiativeOne, we understand that developing a culture of positive accountability requires much more than a scorecard involving measurement, review, and punitive consequences. A culture of positive accountability is the result of an intentional process to create a healthy leadership culture. We have helped many leaders understand and practice five powerful building blocks that transform accountability into a positive experience.
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