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The Reality of Change in the Workplace

Stephanie Schultz | 2/18/2022
Are you struggling with burnout? Overworked employees? Understaffed organizations? Understanding change in the workplace involves curiosity around your expectations and your reality.

Your first step toward the culture you want to create involves having difficult conversations that create momentum around an ideal work-life balance and organizational flourishing.
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The Great Resignation: Resting Your Mind and Avoiding Toxic Cultures?

Dr. Paul Metler | 2/15/2022

Understanding The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation can be challenging to understand. Questions abound. Who is leaving? Why are employees leaving their jobs? Where are they going? What can leaders learn from this unprecedented time of transition? These are good questions, and the quest to understand has spurred articles, conversations, and a great deal of research. While reading through some research on The Great Resignation, one statement caught my attention well before I began to dig into the data. Most people were thinking about leaving their jobs before they left.

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4 Leadership Styles Every Leader Should Know & How To Find Yours!

Dr. Fred Johnson and Nick Metler | 2/8/2022

We're all wired differently!

Finding ways to tap into the motivations of your team and even yourself can be incredibly difficult. People react differently to different situations, but our responses have drivers that have many commonalities. These buckets of leadership styles allow us to know what the best teams look and act like. Great teams are not homogenous units with the same set of needs, expectations, and actions. Great teams have a diversity of thought, input, and style in leading people and achieving their impact. Diversity is crucial. The best leadership teams aren't "Yes Teams" caught up in groupthink. They are quite the opposite.

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InitiativeOne Think Tank: Leadership Styles: How Are You Wired For Greater Impact?

InitiativeOne | 2/7/2022
What is your leadership style? How do your coworkers perceive the way you lead? Do you think that you come across as dominant? Extroverted? Patient? Careful?
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5 ways to elevate your EQ for authentic personal growth

Dr. Paul Metler | 1/31/2022

EQ and Work-Life Balance

“Self-awareness is what enables you to translate the insights from an assessment into action. Self-awareness is getting to know yourself, moment by moment. Self-awareness is knowing what you are thinking while you think it and what you are feeling when you feel it. It’s the ability to keep your values in mind at all times. Self-awareness is the ability to monitor yourself so you can manage yourself accordingly.” 

R. Hougaard & J. Carter. The Mind of a Leader

Emotional intelligence helps us to commit to the people in our lives. Whether personally or professionally, we impact and influence people. So how do we lean into our relationships for more success? How do we create more winning scenarios for everyone? And how do we not sacrifice our work-life balance in the process? 

Here are five considerations to refocus on the areas that you value:

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Are your meetings actually exhilarating, or do they drain people?

Dr. Paul Metler | 1/26/2022

Welcome to the People Business

It’s Tuesday morning, and you know what that means.

The Tuesday morning meeting begins the same way every week. Six people are seated around a spacious conference table with their chairs angled toward a screen mounted on the wall. Three faces are visible on the screen. The muted participants on the screen match the engagement level in the room. All nine people appear to be mesmerized by their phones. 

No one speaks.

There’s no human connection.

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InitiativeOne Think Tank: What Is True Work-Life Balance?

InitiativeOne | 1/17/2022
Many individuals view work-life balance sort of like a teeter-totter. While one side is active, the other side is inactive. In this view, the goal is to balance the two, so equal time is given to both sides over time. We maintain a different understanding of work-life balance! 
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Work-Life Balance: 2 Surprising Ways To Achieve Meaningful Purpose

Nick Metler | 1/10/2022

Is work-life balance possible? 

How do I rest when my couch is also my office?

Should I be available 24/7? I feel like I have to be.

Is every week going to feel like a crisis? 

Is it possible to change?

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How To Lead Your People During Uncertainty: With A Little Courage and Hope

Nick Metler | 12/29/2021

Grappling With Uncertainty

We often use a phrase at InitiativeOne: "Leaders must become comfortable with being uncomfortable." When I hear this phrase, my mind goes toward the discomfort of uncertainty. Uncertainty is somewhat of a fear of mine. The general idea of discomfort rarely scares me too much. I've found life quite uncomfortable for most of my memory, so it's almost effortless for me to rationalize that tension away. It's uncertainty that I find to be most challenging.

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Nice Leaders vs. Kind Leaders: 2 Simple Differences For Healthy Teams

Nick Metler | 12/20/2021

"Just Be Nice"

Many leaders want to be nice. There is something faux-admirable in such a pursuit. However, niceness doesn't carry the weight that we think it does. Its real-world application falls short of the mark when leading effectively or influencing others toward positive accountability or a common destination. On the other hand, kindness provides us with firm application and a benchmark to run toward in our families, organizations, and communities.

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