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iOne Think Tank: Breaking Boundaries

Dr. Fred Johnson | 11/6/2020

Breaking Boundaries 

When to SLOW and when to GO - Part 2 of 3 in our series on boundaries.

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iOne Think Tank: Setting Boundaries for Success

Dr. Fred Johnson | 10/2/2020

Leaders live laser focus lives.

Learn to say No to the greater No's so you can say YES to the greater Yes's!

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iOne Think Tank: Feedback is a Gift

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/18/2020

We've all heard the saying "Feedback is a gift" - but it doesn't always feel like a gift when you're on the receiving end of questions and criticism.

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iOne Think Tank: Virtual EQ

Dr. Fred Johnson | 8/14/2020
Are collaboration and productivity running flat within your teams? How do we stay connected in our remote working environments? It's a good time to pause and center your team leadership. A little laughter never hurt either. Dr. Fred shared how staying connected and "loving on your team" go hand in hand to enhance healthy team chemistry and innovation.
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iOne Think Tank: InitiativeOne Responds to Racial Injustice

Dr. Fred Johnson | 6/5/2020
Today's Think Tank took a hard detour for Dr. Fred to reflect and respond to the events of this week and the deafening call for systemic change to end racism. "We teach our leaders - find your voice, use your words.  It's just one drop in the bucket. If enough of us add our drop to the bucket then enough buckets can become a tsunami for change."
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21 Leadership Challenges & How to Overcome Them

InitiativeOne | 6/3/2020
Leadership challenges are going to find you, guaranteed. What are some of the most common leadership challenges, and how do you deal with them? We’ll tell you.
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iOne Think Tank: Excelling Through the Grind

InitiativeOne | 5/1/2020
Dr. Fred Johnson and Dr. Kris Eiring (Psychologist,  PhD, CMPC) lead the group through a powerful discussion surrounding our mental health and wellness and how we can excel during this "grind phase" of the pandemic. They'll dive in to the mindsets we operate in every day - we can't focus on EVERYTHING, how do we cope? Flee, Fight, or Freeze?  Dr. Kris spoke to her experience counseling high performing athletes and how this can apply to business.  We're all in the same storm, but we may be equipped with different boats and different currents. How can keep moving our boat forward while helping other boats as well? 
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Is the Pandemic Changing Your Culture?

Dr. Dev Butler | 4/6/2020
Spoiler Alrt: The current pandemic WILL change your organization’s culture.   It may be better; it may be worse. It is guaranteed to be DIFFERENT.
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iOne Think Tank: Leading from Home

Dr. Fred Johnson | 4/3/2020
Many of us are now working from home - our professional and personal "teams" are intersecting in one place, in real time, the lines are blurred. These teams need us more than ever. How do you lead from home through these uncharted challenges?
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iOne Pop-Up Think Tank: Leading When the Chips are Down

Dr. Fred Johnson | 3/20/2020
Dr. Fred has lead InitiativeOne and countless other organizations through times of crisis. Today we tuned in to support one another while he shared his insights on crisis leadership. This is a time to stabilize, identify fact vs. fear, and make decisions from strength, purpose and values
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