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iOne Think Tank: Lucky Leadership Pill

Dr. Fred Johnson | 11/3/2017
Leadership isn't a magic pill or a lucky trait that we are gifted. Leadership Transformation is a process not an event (or a pill!). Leadership takes work. It takes accountability. It takes grit.
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What Dwyane Wade Taught Me About Leadership

Brandon Williams | 10/26/2017
In today’s world of sports there is never a shortage of athletes, coaches and executives with enormous egos. With players commanding millions of eyeballs on their social media platforms, they constantly put themselves in the limelight. It gives them what I would say is an opportunity to show true leadership.
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Leading Change in Health Care

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/23/2017
At the core of leadership is a desire to pursue a set of actions that create and sustain momentum toward a preferred future. That is what it means to lead positive change. They cast a vision, inspire commitment, cultivate engagement and unity so that they can execute meaningful change. The rewards of creating a purposeful culture that produces positive outcomes are immensely fulfilling. But, it’s na├»ve to think that the path toward leading positive change is a straight line, especially in health care.
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iOne Think Tank: Leadership Fears

Dr. Fred Johnson | 10/13/2017
We are happy to provide the video recording from our most recent iOne Think Tank presentation and discussion! 
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Feeling Anxiety

Jean Robertson | 10/10/2017
Since we are having a little fun with our "Friday the 13th - Leadership Fears" event, we thought this would be the perfect time to share Jean's video blog. Jean Robertson, one of our awesome Advisory Board members, talks about how new leaders can approach anxiety. Spoiler alert - she doesn't recommend hiding from it!
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Is Your Team Out of Sync?

Dr. Paul Metler | 10/4/2017
Fall is in the air. That means it’s time to watch college football. If you tune in to a pre-game show or watch the post-game interviews, you will likely hear the word, “execution.” During a football game, offense, defense, special teams, individuals and units fall under scrutiny based on effective execution.
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - It's Just Information

Dr. Fred Johnson | 10/4/2017
Here's another installment of the iOne Leadership Video Blog Series!

Today Fred talks about how to deal with tough conversations and defensiveness. A productive conversation is not likely to take place if an individual doesn't feel safe. As a leaders you have the ability to lower defenisveness. Watch this short video blog as Fred shares how to receive and give information or have a tough conversation - as the title says... IT'S JUST INFORMATION! 
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How Shall We Create Leaders?

Dr. Paul Metler | 9/25/2017
My first exposure to the famous allegory of the cave in Plato’s The Republic in relationship to organizational leadership came via Gareth Morgan’s book Images of Organizations. His introduction to organizations as a “Psychic Prison” captured my imagination. For many years, I have pondered the implications of Morgan’s assertion, “Human beings have a knack for getting trapped in webs of their own creation.” That sparked my interest in leadership and organizational development.
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iOne Think Tank: Mirror Leadership

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/18/2017
We are happy to provide the video recording from our most recent iOne Think Tank presentation and discussion! 
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Don't Ever Stop Growing

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/15/2017
InitiativeOne is happy to announce our new iOne Leadership Series video blog! Check back weekly for another video post from Fred or other members of the InitiativeOne team! Today we're talking about continual improvement and how real leaders never stop growing.
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