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iOne Think Tank: Living Room Leadership

Dr. Fred Johnson | 2/7/2020
Living Room Leadership
Can your team relate to each other? Do they care about each other? Dr. Fred shares the stories and research that undeniably establishes the need for high trust and high caring teams in today's workplace. He shared the 4 Dimensions of Trust and the group leaned in for a powerful discussion. 
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iOne Think Tank: Purpose Driven Goals

Dr. Fred Johnson | 1/10/2020
Purpose Driven Goal seekers are fueled from within and are guided by values that help them win!
It's not a resolution - it's a critical goal aligned to a leader's core purpose and definitely not something to be tossed aside by January 31. Purpose Driven Goals are achieved, reimagined, reset, and the cycle of growth and impact continues!
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iOne Think Tank: Emotional Intelligence Part 2

Dr. Fred Johnson | 12/13/2019
What is the ROI on EQ and how to you improve your own EQ?
Emotional Intelligence begins with self-awareness. Leaders who are under control with their emotions, actions, relationships, and problem solving remain in control within their teams, families, and organizations.

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iOne Think Tank - Emotional Intelligence Part I

Dr. Fred Johnson | 11/8/2019

You know the saying - Business is business and what’s personal should stay personal. Keep those parts of your life separate. Don’t let your personal life affect your work or spill into the company’s performance. That’s the prevailing thinking in a lot of organizations.   And we couldn’t disagree more.

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iOne Think Tank - Some People Just Need a T-Shirt

Dr. Fred Johnson | 10/11/2019
You cannot have a high accountability culture without an equal commitment to praise and gratitude. So - do you need a program to show gratitude or does it occur naturally and in real time? 
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iOne Think Tank: Leading Excellence Not Perfection

Dr. Fred Johnson | 9/6/2019
Learn how to recognize the pull to excellence and not the push of perfectionism. Check out the recording of our most recent Think Tank!
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iOne Think Tank: The Thoughtful Leader

Dr. Fred Johnson & Tracy Johnson | 6/7/2019
We've discussed Naysayers and how they can negatively impact an organization. This month we looked at the flipside of a naysayer and introduced the Thoughtful Leader.
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iOne Leadership Series Video Blog - Advice for New Leaders

InitiativeOne | 5/30/2019
Members of the InitiativeOne Advisory Board share their advice for new leaders.
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iOne Think Tank: Neutralizing Naysayers

Dr. Fred Johnson | 5/3/2019
How can you impactfully lead change in an organization? Understanding who's rowing with you and who's rowing against you is a good place to start. Identifying naysayers and neutralizing their behaviors will help transform your ability to lead change.
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