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Keep the Toxic Out: The Safety Net of Healthy Culture | iOne Think Tank

If you’ve been tuning in to our Think Tanks this quarter, you are likely attempting to chip away at the deep work required to reduce turnover and identify toxic “leaders” in your organization. It’s not a box you can check, it takes practice and rigor. It also requires an effort by ALL (not just senior leaders) to recognize the teams who are doing the work, practicing trust accelerators, and not taking the path of least resistance.

Leaders (AND TEAMS) get comfortable with being uncomfortable and that’s where the magic can happen! How do you encourage and reward healthy leadership at all levels? What does that look like from the outside? If you're doing the work -healthy culture should be amplified within each team member to mitigate TOXIC behavior and cultivate HEALTHY behavior. We'll share the best "safety nets" for keeping the toxic OUT of your organization.

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