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Internal Enterprise Training

Leadership isn't about skills
It's about Impact.

The Internal Enterprise Training was designed for organizations who have “built the box” of best practice leadership with upper management teams and are ready to bring Leadership Transformation to the rest of the organization.

Internal Enterprise Training will help organizations:

system wide approach

 Create a system wide approach to decision making and prioritization

drive common language

Drive common language, key principles and expectations

cultural leadership

Accelerate speed and depth of cultural leadership throughout the organization

cost-effective investment

Deliver Leadership Transformation in a scalable and cost-effective way

Internal Enterprise Training includes five (90 minute) sessions facilitated by internal facilitators. The most critical key models are delivered by Dr. Fred Johnson through professionally recorded video presentations. Teams will be introduced to expectations such as accountability, team norms, problem solving, proactive decision-making, and other behavior and practices necessary for high-performing and healthy organizations.


CERTIFIED INTERNAL TEAM MEMBER TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Up to 12 individual leaders will be trained and certified by InitiativeOne. The training takes place over 3 days and includes customized materials specific to the organization. The internal facilitators are required to have completed the 9-week Leadership Transformation Process. 

Investment: $25,000

INTERNAL PARTICIPANT INVESTMENT: Licenses must be purchased in increments of 20

Each participant receives a handbook prepared by InitiativeOne.

1-99 at $399 per participant
200-299 at $299 per participant
100-199 at $349 per participant
300 plus at $249 per participant


Areas of Interest: